Technical Services

With the most extensive in-house materials and nanomaterials characterization capabilities and expertise in Canada's private sector, complemented with access to a broad range of external facilities, we provide Consulting and Technical Services in four major areas of advanced materials - NanoMaterials & Surface Analysis, Materials Microstructural Characterization, Materials Performance Characterization and Heat Treatment.

NanoMaterials & Surface Analysis

Quantiam houses the most powerful NanoMaterials and Surface Characterization capabilities in Canada's private sector.

NanoMaterials & Surface Characterization
Nano and Surface Analysis Techniques

Materials Microstructural Characterization

  • XRD, high temperature XRD and surface-sensitive XRD
  • Conventional and damage-sensitive metallography
  • Optical and Stereo Microscopy
  • Macro and micro-hardness testing; fracture toughness testing

Materials Performance Characterization

We perform accelerated in-house performance testing for:

  • thermal stability
  • catalyst properties
  • high temperature erosion (to 1200°C)
  • high temperature carburization
  • high temperature corrosion
  • high temperature oxidation

Heat Treatment

Various in-house capabilities to 1500°C with controlled atmosphere to high vacuum levels(10^-6 torr levels).
Largest vacuum-heat treatment furnaces in Western Canada to 1,300oC, 3,000 lb loads.

Other Services:

  • Nano and Micro-scale Powder Manufacturing and Processing
  • Surface Engineering and Surface Modification/Enhancement
  • Coating

Research Services

We undertake a broad range of research projects in our areas of expertise, encompassing the full spectrum of the new product development and commercialization process. The size and scope of projects can range from small feasibility studies through to complete product development and commercialization. Project pricing and ownership of intellectual property are tailored to meet customer needs.