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Quantiam has the experience and capabilities to capitalize on emerging nanotechnologies focusing on advanced materials, energy-related materials and the environment. Our Technology and Innovation thrusts are in three major areas of materials and energy with a focus on nanotechnology, catalysis, coatings and surfaces.

Program A: Advanced Energy Materials

A1: CAMOL™ Catalyst Coatings ([url=][/url])

Quantiam and NOVA Chemicals undertook the development of a disruptive catalyst coating technology from 2001 through to 2008 for the olefins manufacturing industry using steam hydrocarbon pyrolysis.  The development, “Catalyzed–assisted Manufacture of Olefins (CAMOL™)” was partially funded by Industry Canada – Technology Partnerships Canada (TPC) and Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).  Following investments by BASF Venture Capital and Ursataur Capital Management in 2009, BASF Canada Inc. and Quantiam launched a new company in 2011 to commercialize the technology, BASF Qtech Inc. New Product Manufacturing is in Edmonton, AB, R&D support comes from Edmonton, AB, Iselin, NJ and Ludwigshafen, Germany, and Global Marketing & Sales from Iselin, NJ. The primary benefits of the technology includes higher plant efficiency and profitability, lower energy  requirements, and significant GHG and CAC reductions. In 2012, LyondellBasell received a US-DOE grant to enable BASF Qtech and Quantiam to further advance the CAMOL™ technology for maximizing energy and emissions reductions for ethane crackers.

A2: Catalyzed Methane-to-Olefins Technology

Quantiam has advanced a novel catalyst-based approach for the manufacture of light olefins from methane feedstock.  The technology is being scaled-up to pilot-scale demonstration in 2013 and 2014.

Program B: High Performance Materials for Extreme Service Environments

Quantiam's current portfolio of new products under development for extreme (severe) environments is aimed at high-value wear and/or corrosion applications for  the Oil & Gas sector, Oil Sands/SAGD, ballistic protection materials, and advanced high temperature coatings and materials for Defence applications.

B1: Wear and Wear-Corrosion Coatings for Oil & Gas Tubular Internal Surfaces

Novel coatings with world-first properties of enhanced wear and wear-corrosion coatings for Oil & Gas Exploration and Production applications.  The technology is advancing to field demonstration trials with a major E&P company in 2013 and 2014.

B2: High Temperature Coatings for Defence Applications - Confidential

B3: Materials for Personnel and Vehicular Ballistic Protection - Confidential