Our Philosophy

Quantiam's future and success is built on the strengths and integrity of its people, the uniqueness and unparalleled performance of its products, and the respect and loyalty of its customers and partners.

Our business is INNOVATION.  Our expertise is in the world of "small" and in building nano, micro and macro-systems that provide unique commercial utility.  Our current new product focus is NanoMaterials, Coatings, Surfaces and Catalysts targeting Energy, Catalysis, Wear, Corrosion, and Environment-related applications.  Our Technology & Innovation group works hand-in-hand with our customers to bring forward timely, cost-effective materials systems solutions that meet or exceed our customers' needs and expectations. Our innovation teams strive to continually discover, reduce-to-practice, and commercially capitalize on new properties of matter.  Our commercialization teams include our partners, our customers and our suppliers to rapidly integrate new technologies and new products and processes to the commercial benefit of all.

Quantiam recognizes that the breakthroughs of tomorrow require unprecedented expertise, experience, co-operation and collaboration amongst a broad range of disciplines, sources of intellectual capital, sources of funding and financing, and industry leaders.  Quantiam fosters a culture of joint success with our suppliers, our customers, and our partners and stakeholders.

Recognizing its own roots as once a start-up, Quantiam supports the next-generation entrepreneurs through the Quantiam Seed Investments in Innovation Program, with funding, access to its new product innovation expertise and world-class R&D and piloting facilities, and where appropriate, incubation.