About Quantiam

New Frontiers in NanoTechnology, Advanced Materials, and Catalysis for the CleanTech, Energy and Defence Sectors

Disruptive New Products: Quantiam develops and commercializes disruptive, world-first new products based on Advanced Materials, Catalysts, Coatings and Surfaces for energy-related applications and extreme-operating environments.

World-leader in Internal Coatings: Quantiam provides the most advanced high-performance coatings in the world for internal-surfaces of complex shapes such as tubulars with a coating capacity of 3 million-in 2/yr  expandable to 12 million-in 2/yr, and tube-lengths currently at 17 feet, expandable to 34 feet.

World-class Facilities: Quantiam has the most extensive Advanced Materials and NanoMaterials development and characterization facilities in Canada's private sector, including:

· AES/SAM · small-spot XPS · SIMS · FE-SEM/EDS · Surface-XRD · High Temperature XRD · TGA/SDTA · Specialized-Metallography · Extensive High Temperature performance characterization and accelerated materials degradation testing (Wear and Corrosion)

Defining the “New-Possible” in 21st Century Materials Technologies: Quantiam’s experience, track-record and world-class capabilities are capitalizing on the properties of matter at the macro-, micro-, nano- and sub-nano scale to redefine the "new-possible" in materials system properties, and delivering world-first commercial benefits to the marketplace.

To explore the potential adaption of our platform coating technologies, or the development of new materials or coatings specific to your needs, please Contact Us.